Archives for June 2010

A legion of chains

I keep thinking about the story in Luke 8 that we read last Sunday: the man named “Legion” who lived in the cemetery, ran around naked in the wilderness and the townspeople couldn’t keep him in chains. He was possessed by evil and sickness, and Jesus healed him in spite of his protests. The evil […]

Tiny fervor

I always thought hummingbirds hummed. At least the ones here in the East hum gently as they flit from flower to feeder. But last month I met the Colorado variety which takes the concept of “humming bird” to a whole new level. In fact, “humming bird” is much too tame a name for these high […]

Collision with Grace

I had a collision with Grace yesterday. At least, that’s what the presiding bishop of the ELCA, Mark Hanson, called it when he spoke about Saul at our synod assembly last Saturday. This Saul was on the road to Damascus to hunt down and arrest Christians when he was confronted in blinding light by the […]

Marriage Learning

There are times when one needs to step back and learn from those whom we have taught. That happened yesterday in worship when our youth and young adults helped us think about Christ’s hope in the midst of devastation. They led us in singing through songs they love. How good it was for me to […]

Hand-me-down prayer

Sometimes hand-me-down prayers are the best. Sometimes we don’t have the energy to pray our own words. Sometimes the way our brother or sister addresses our Lord teaches and pulls us into prayer in spite of slow-of-heart selves. The important thing, whatever the words we use or don’t use, is that our hearts turn Godward. […]


I’m back! As of now, I still don’t have my Colorado pictures (some of which are taken by my husband’s amazing new camera) loaded onto my computer. So instead, I will first blog about what God taught me about distractions during this week of sabbath rest and family celebration. You wouldn’t want to see photos […]