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This afternoon I sat on a canoe launch eating a very late lunch of take-out won ton soup. No, I didn’t have my canoe with me, but I did begin the process of easing into a week’s vacation. Easing in while currently on empty, that is. May has brought hours of physical therapy for the […]

Betty’s cinnamon buns

Betty is known in our congregation for her desserts, cakes, and cookies. She has a gift (surely baking for God’s people can be a spiritual gift) because when Betty has something to do with our Sunday morning coffee hour, no one wants to miss it. For years her delicious food gifts have contributed to the […]

Desert teachings

The desert keeps crossing my path. My brother sends me fascinating photos from his desert hiking in Utah. I read a book (Belden C. Lane: The Solace of Fierce Landscapes) on how the scarcity and harshness of desert shaped the monastic fathers and mothers in early Christianity and what it can teach our own faith […]

Chinook Goes East

All right, I should have been working on a sermon, but it was such an unusual, windy day. And I am reading too much David Whyte and Mary Oliver (poets I admire). Lethal combination. This is my last poem for awhile. Chinook Goes East My rocky mountain brotherposted a warning:not much sleeplast night,chinook howlingdownthrough rattlesnakepark,imagined […]

One night after work

The wind, roaming and ranting all day,finally collapses exhausted into the grass,and curls herself into a little ball,relinquishes with a sigh the evening intostillness to showcase the stars unhampered. So did I, collapse that is, on my balconyin the spreading gleam of a spring night,allowing my eyes to unravel three threads:from a blinking human coach […]


“Vision.” It’s quite a word. It has all sorts of power and mystery wrapped up into it. It’s a word of openings, clarity, direction , prophecy…or of simply being able to put one foot in front of another without a guide, and even that is a profound thing. Yes, “vision” has three meanings. The first […]