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12th day of Lent

In the devotions that I read today ( is a statement that is the glue, or maybe the oil, to loving God with all one’s heart and loving one’s neighbor as oneself. “But our lives are not just about BEING thankful, but also having such a deep sense of gratitude that we are compelled to […]

11th day of Lent

There are days, one not too long ago, when I have collapsed on the floor and cried, “God, I can’t do this anymore.” And then there are days like today when I know conversations have been attentive to God’s presence, care and nurture and where spiritual growth has occurred. OK, it was a 12 and […]

2nd Sunday in Lent

So I wonder who was in worship feeling broken today. Whoever they were, I thought of them, and prayed for them as we sang the last hymn. O Christ, your heart, compassionate, bore every human pain.Its beating was the pulse of God; its breadth, God’s vast domain.The heart of God, the heart of Christ combined […]