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22nd day of Lent

Lord Jesus Christ, our savior and friend,you are the way;walk with me in your way today. Let your life spring up in me,your love flow through me,your peace extend to all I meet,your surrounding Spirit protect me. Plant your word deep in my heartthat I may know your voice and not wander. Give me strength […]

21st day of Lent

This Sunday we will have learned ASL signs to the whole section of Mark 12: 29-31. I know we are too English to be doing the syntax of ASL correctly. We are leaving out words that an ASL communicator would need to understand the meaning. But the gift of having bodily ways to say certain […]

20th day of Lent

In the countdown of Lent, we are half way there. Halfway to where? To 40 days? To where God is leading us in this time of learning by heart what Jesus named as the two greatest commandments. By now we have it memorized. By now we have tucked it into our hearts. By now it […]

19th day of Lent

OK, nothing about dogs and snow geese today. (See previous posts) Ever since my sabbatical pilgrimage, I have tried to end each day with “grace upon grace,” (John 1). It is a moment to reflect upon the day and see how God’s grace has been woven into it. Grace upon grace: two of us pastors […]

18th day of Lent

Is this the Lent of snow geese, or what? I am sitting in my living room reading, and the warm spring-like day has dissolved into dark coolness. I think I hear geese in the distance, but it is not the familiar honk of Canada geese. I open the front door and walk out on the […]

17th day of Lent

Love your neighbor as yourself, huh? Not so easy. On this gorgeous spring (almost) morning, I took Chester and Winnie for the longer walk around the field. Knowing that we might run into some other dogs, I took plenty of pepperoni pieces to distract Chester, who can be quite overprotective and go into barking and […]

16th day of Lent

So, in the interest of loving another as myself, I took Rick and his camera and we drove back to Middle Creek early this morning. This migratory pause of the snow geese was as lovely today as yesterday…even better, actually, to have shared it with another.

15th day of Lent

So I packed up my struggle with a sermon and my struggle with a headache and drove to Middle Creek where I found white on white on blue: sails on cirrus on sky; feathers on ice on lake. It was the migration of the snow geese. White, white and blue etched with black, that is. […]

14th day of Lent

The end of the day.A quiet prayer for all of you, wherever you are in heart and mind tonight.A quiet prayer for myself: live in gratitude (Lent 12); shed complaining (Lent 13); love God and others (Lent 1).Prayer of thanks: the blue heron was fishing the creek this morning; it survived the winter.

13th day of Lent

No complaining. That’s what the “Jesus Creed” (Mark 12:29-31) did. Stopped me dead in my tracks from complaining. After weeks of delay I had slipped away for two days…320 miles away. I had busily tied up all the loose ends at work so that I wouldn’t have to think about work while I was gone. […]