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36th and 37th days of Lent

No walk yesterday with all that wind and the rain. But this morning Winnie, Chester and I glimpsed a barred owl fly onto a branch nearby, pause 5 seconds and fly off again through the trees. Other than helping me take a deep breath of surprise, seeing the owl has nothing, really, to do with […]

35th day of Lent

In between rain, work and worship responsibilities, I managed to take the dogs for a much needed walk this afternoon. The purpose was twofold: to diffuse their pent-up energy and to clear my head. Three short sermons and a funeral meditation loom ahead. I found a verse of a hymn a friend posted as humorously […]

32nd, 33rd, and 34th days of Lent

In the passion account according to Luke (23:49) we read: “But all his acquaintances, including the women who had followed him from Galilee, stood at a distance, watching these things.” In the other gospels, the disciples have fled; only the women watch from a distance, or in John’s gospel just a few women are at […]

30th and 31st days of Lent

I think I’ve decided that posting everyday is probably not for me, although I have surprised myself by realizing that when I just start typing, not sure of what to say, something comes out that I hadn’t thought about before. The daily grind helps me, if no one else. Nevertheless, if any of you have […]

28th and 29th day of Lent

On the 28th day of Lent my husband and I drove to Philly, became members of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (an early anniversary present to ourselves) and saw the Picasso exhibit. I learned a bit about “cubism” at the beginning of the 20th century. I began to understand the method behind the disjointedness; that […]

27th day of Lent:

The ground by the creek: Two weeks ago, frozen under crusty drifts of dirty snow.One week ago, submerged under a flood.Today, coaxed into a carpet of new lime green. It’s been a hard winter, but I’m noticing bits of green in grass and congregation. And to celebrate, the prophet (Isaiah 43) speaks for God: See, […]

26th day of Lent

This is the day that the Lord has made. A number of these God-made days I simply muddle through and wonder what, if anything, of significance happened. But God has made it, no matter what I see or don’t see in it. There are other days when even I can notice, for example, that God’s […]

25th day of Lent

Patrick, missionary and bishop to Ireland, had been snatched and captured by Irish raiders from his home in England as a teenager. He spent six miserable years as a slave in Ireland before he escaped back to Britain. During that time, however, he faith and relationship with God grew as he prayed constantly out herding […]

24th day of Lent

Sunday is coming and the text is about Mary of Bethany anointing Jesus’ feet with a pound of expensive nard, a fragrant, very expensive ointment…so expensive that the act was financially reckless. But the way she did it, wiping Jesus’ feet with her hair, was embarrassingly improper, at least for some of the guests. Here […]

23rd day of Lent

Letting go. In the story Jesus told about the two lost sons (Luke 15), what did the “prodigal” son let go of in order to leave slopping the pigs and come back home to his family? Pride. Independence. His self-centeredness. His claim as a “son” replaced with a willingness to be a servant (he thought). […]