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Ruth had a saying: A person all wrapped up in oneself makes a very small ball. Ruth would know about such things. She was weaver for the sheer pleasure of it. Once when I was a seminarian intern, preparing to become a pastor, she invited me to her home for conversation and lunch. She proudly […]

But, God…!

Earlier in the week, I went to our Wednesday morning text study where a few folks gather with an assignment to preach on a Sunday and coffee in hand. We prayed Sunday’s opening prayer which asks God to make us love what God commands. And then, while listening to the first reading, we heard Jeremiah’s […]

Farm Show Week

My husband and I went to the Pennsylvania Farm Show yesterday. Saw horses put through their paces. Alpacas and their wool being spun. Cows being milked. Large tractors next to displays about bio-fuel being developed at colleges. Amazing varieties of ducks, turkeys and chickens; sadly, one hen had just had a coronary. Sheep wearing covers […]

The gift exchange

Epiphany was 3 days ago. A few of us gathered in a circle and listened to the story of the magi from the east searching for the Christ. The table in the middle of our circle was draped with sparkling blue cloth on which stood three carved, intricately painted wise men surrounded with little tea […]

Gratitude for 2009

I am grateful to Mary Oliver who asks and answers most poetically 8 questions (in “Gratitude” from the book “What Do We Know: Poems and Prose Poems”). They strike me as good questions to ponder on the eve of a new year. I’ll ask her questions of myself and answer them much less poetically. What […]