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Taking for granted

We drove over 200 miles on Thanksgiving day to watch tundra swan and snow geese. We heard they would be at Bombay Hook on the Delaware bay, along with lots of other water birds and ducks like gadwalls and shovelers and pintails. I peered through binoculars. Rick snapped photographs. We watched them fly in formation […]

Welcoming the Wise One

I am sitting in my living room thinking about what to say about advent this Sunday. The house is quiet while Rick has gone out to rehearsal. The sky has just grown dark; the computer screen is the only light in the room. That is when, in the trees across the road, I hear a […]

The end of the John year

It is with good sadness that I end this liturgical church year today. For the last year I have led the congregation in riskily departing from the wiser tradition of the Revised Common Lectionary, and following our own lectionary through the Gospel of John. Since I had worked on memorizing John on my 2008 sabbatical, […]

What time is it?

What time is it? It is 6:11 p.m., November 17, 2009. Tonight I am supposed to write a newsletter article for December, focusing on the advent season, but it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, and it’s hard to get in the mood. Next week the time will come, though, when we will have worked our way […]

Spreading generosity

Here’s a story that Jesus told. Most people don’t like it, or they think it doesn’t make sense. A few people have questioned whether it even belongs in the Bible because it sounds like Jesus is praising a dishonest manager. Actually, I think he is: There was a rich man who had a manager, and […]

November Noon after All Saints Day

The sun hangs slant,making a liar of mewhen, with my dogs, I burstoutside. After weeks of Friday rains,I emerge today to breathe lifeand attend the stirrings of high noon. When did it happen?When was it that, somewherebetween the harvest of Swisschard and roasted pumpkin seeds,the sun fixed her attentionelsewhere, leaving the landto slip into resigned […]

Evening Prayer

I wrote a few weeks ago about night prayer which is sung in a faith community as the last thing before going to sleep. Its focus is about letting go of our burdens and commending ourselves to God’s care so that we can rest well. In the Lutheran church, evening prayer is different. It is […]