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On NPR this morning, as I was drifting into wakefulness, I heard how Senator Arlen Specter faced a crowd in uproar over health care reform at a Lebanon town meeting. President Obama fared only a little better in Maine. There are lots of questions and issues needing to be addressed, but also lots of unfounded […]

It’s Monday night

So Mondays are the day to take a look at what’s coming up for Sunday. We’re in John 7 this week, so I’m skimming through it, wondering where I will settle. It was a tough chapter to memorize, and I suspect maybe even a tougher one to preach on. But since we were speaking of […]

Bare wood

I do not have to preach this Sunday. A gifted young woman in our congregation will be speaking a message that God has put on her heart. That leaves me with space, treasured space. I will fill some of that space with great conversation with my daughter who’s taking the train up from the city […]

Where’s wisdom when you need it?

Where’s wisdom when you need it? I am definitely not feeling wise lately. On the other hand, I am not feeling particularly unwise either. To be unwise sounds so harsh. I actually looked “unwise” up, I’m that desperate today. I found some synonyms for “unwise”: imprudent, ill-advised, unsound, unreasonable, short-sighted, (it gets worse) foolish, senseless, […]