Archives for July 2009

River silt and fear

It’s appropriate to be fearful in a life-threatening situation. In fact fear can be a good thing when it makes us alert and cautious. Last year, after a pounding rain storm the night before, I started on a trail section where a sign warned that the trail was impassible in high water. The Potomac had […]

Not on my own terms, please!

Yesterday I asked myself (and everyone who was there at the time) when have I have been frustrated that our friend and savior Jesus hasn’t been doing things the way I would want? The way I think they should be done? Does that affect who I think Jesus is? Do I give up? Get frustrated? […]

Where’s Waldo?

There’s a familiar story (in John 6) about Jesus being followed out into the middle of nowhere by a crowd of people (5000+). They stayed awhile and it got to be dinner time. The only food around was the picnic lunch of a little boy: 2 fish and 5 barley loaves. Don’t know how big […]

Approval ratings

This morning on the radio a feature story was announced with: “President Obama’s approval ratings slip below 50% in Ohio.” Ah, now expectations are set. Will he do something to win them back? Will he shift policy? Hold a town meeting in Akron? In a political system like ours, elected officials are responsible to their […]

Do You Want To Be…?

Jesus asked the man by the Bethzatha pool in Jerusalem if he wanted to be made well. (John 5.1-20) It would seem to be a question too obvious too ask. (The man had been ill, apparently unable to walk, for 38 years.) On the other hand, maybe it’s not a bad question for Jesus to […]