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It’s a mystery (continued)

But I do have one other theory on the mystery of why we don’t know this disciple’s name, just that he is the disciple whom Jesus loved. I think because this disciple has no name, the writer is inviting you and me to put ourselves in his place. We are invited to be that beloved […]

It’s a mystery

Here is a mystery: who is “the disciple whom Jesus loved?” No one seems to know. He (she?) is never named in the gospel of John, and he shows up late. He is reclining next to Jesus at the supper where Jesus washes the disciples’ feet (not every culture uses a table and chairs). When […]

When we grow old

I went to visit an older friend in a nursing care facility yesterday. She was in bed and we chatted for a few moments. Then I read last Sunday’s scripture from John 21. Jesus is walking on the beach with Peter after his resurrection. He has surprised his disciples with a breakfast and now asks […]

A new venture

Well, we did it. We are new partial shareholders in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm. That means we go to the farm and get a bag of fresh veggies weekly once the crops start coming in,probably the first week in June if we have a little sun. It means conversations with the farmer and […]

Feed My Sheep

I am preaching on John 21 on Sunday where Jesus tells Peter, “Feed, my sheep.” I’ve been thinking today that we take that word from Jesus too “spiritually” sometimes, as if it only means teaching and telling people about the Lord. Of course, that is a hefty part of it. But Jesus did more than […]

Brother Bach

One of J.S.Bach’s prized books was a Lutheran Bible published in 1681 with commentary by Abraham Calov. This Bible (in three volumes) was discovered in a farmhouse attic in Michigan in 1934. Bach had marked and double marked a variety of scripture passages, as well as Calov’s words of commentary. This one quote of Calov […]


I’m getting tongue tied practicing thees, thous, peace that passeth, doest, etc., all for a centennial anniversary worship tomorrow. We are using a 1910 liturgy…a very different religious culture and perspective. But the three hymns they sang 100 years ago are all ones we know. However, no matter what I do, I won’t quite fit […]