I felt like a stranger tonight

I felt like a stranger tonight.  I sat in the pews.  It was the first time since 1982 that I had not “worked” on Christmas eve either as the church musician or as the pastor.  I went to the Christmas eve service where my husband attends, and where I had attended many years ago with […]

Witness to the Night Sky

The days and particularly their daylight hours have been full, so full in fact that I have done little writing this half year.  Daylight is time for walking, running errands, meeting folks for coffee, moving books into my home study, yard work, visiting elderly parents.  Meanwhile the northern hemisphere moves toward the shortest day of […]

Revisioning the Task

My village has become a bustling park today.  Colorful kayaks and canoes are being carried into the Yellow Breeches for a day’s floating adventure.  Children hunt crayfish under rocks.  Parents roast hot dogs.  Black labs are swimming.  A father explains to his son how the suspension construction of the pedestrian bridge works.  Older folks sit […]


  I haven’t written for a while, and one might well wonder if I have given up the blogging endeavor for good.  After all, when posts slow down to a dribble, one’s blog quickly becomes irrelevant as readers move on to other things. And that’s exactly what I am pondering now—irrelevancy.  Five weeks ago I […]

Holy Saturday

I love the silence of Holy Saturday. Only two more hours and it will slip in unnoticed by most. It is especially silent since this year we are not having a vigil, and I have a head cold and feel too lousy to drive an hour to be with my brother’s congregation tomorrow night.  I’ll […]

To make a basket

Making baskets seems to be a good topic this close to Easter. I am re-reading the book “Braiding Sweetgrass”  by Robin Kimmerer. I just finished the chapter where the author was learning to make a basket from John Pigeon, a Potawatomi basket maker. She described going with him to choose the black ash tree, felling […]

Musing again

I opened up my journal this morning, wrote in today’s date, and suddenly remembered that I was ordained as a pastor 18 years ago today.  Oh, how the world has changed!  How the Church has changed!  How I have changed! On that evening 18  years ago, I didn’t know what I was getting into any […]

Why do I care?

Why do I care about Standing Rock?  The “water protectors,” of the Lakota Sioux in North Dakota, joined by other Native Americans and friends, for months have stood unarmed and prayerful in opposition to the oil pipeline going under the river next to their home. But it’s a long way from here, 1,507 miles for […]

Night Prayer in Solidarity with the People of Standing Rock

Today I have been in prayer with other clergy in solidarity with the people of Standing Rock. Throughout the day I have posted what I am praying. This is the last prayer of the day. “You make me lie down in green pastures; you lead me beside still waters; you restore my soul.” Psalm 23:2 […]

Evening Prayer in Solidarity with the People of Standing Rock

Today I am joining in prayer with other clergy in solidarity with the people of Standing Rock. Throughout the day I will post what I am praying. Evening prayer For those of us who cannot claim to be Native American— that we learn from their witness; that we grow in our advocacy for and stewardship […]